Over my years of being a personal trainer in the top gyms of New Zealand and Australia - Les Mills and Fitness First, I have had the incredible opportunity to transform many lives both physically and mentally. I have now taken this power online to not only influence a greater variety of people from all over the globe, but to have a more substantial impact. The power of online training is where the true impact lies.

Below are just a few of the many lives I have been blessed to help impact in a positive and sustainable way. Each person’s “final picture” that you see below is only where I got them during their coaching phase. Where they are now is even further than that, as it’s my job to teach my clients how to coach themselves through their own mental and physical plateaus, so that they can achieve any goal they set their eyes on. Click their picture for their Instagram.

Stephen Harvey

9 Months

Robyn Harper

10 Weeks

Nabihah Buksh

8 Weeks

Amelia Grafas

6 Months

Darcey Harper

10 Weeks

Wes Neskora

6 Months

Pia Schuster

6 Months

Jamie O’Brien

5 Weeks

Sam Beadle

6 Weeks

Luke Gow

10 Weeks

Mason Ellington

12 Weeks

Nicola Duncan

10 Weeks

Nicole Dawson

6 Weeks


15 Days (no change in calories)

“You’ve been totally amazing and I’ve been so lucky to have had you as a coach. Not only have you helped with a body transformation, you’ve totally switched up my whole well being and I’m so thankful for that and having energy now! Can’t wait to work with you again.” - Katelin Maguire

“I really appreciate all your help and mentoring, you've been awesome! I've learnt so much over the last month about nutrition and feel so much better with my relationship to food and diet, and I've made physical progress that I'm really happy with (given that I wasn't a perfect study).” - Leah Purchase

“You’ve helped heaps (understatement for sure). Thank you for all you’ve done. Honestly you can tell that this is your genuine passion. You care so much about helping others and it’s super motivating. I’m stumped on what you could improve on.” - Liv Anderson

“I’ve been training for 3 years, and in only a short amount of time, I’ve seen such a massive difference in my overall mindset, aiding in my nutrition and my workouts through Kieran Hedley’s amazing plan. The daily accountability and support has helped me not only lose weight and gain muscle, but to fuel my body with good energy and powerful vibes. The meal plan provides food that is quick and easy to make. The workouts have helped me beat the plateau that I was in and gain strength in areas I was lacking. Honestly couldn’t recommend him enough.” - Jamie O’Brien

“I can’t thank Kieran enough for being an amazing coach and friend. I am so grateful for him and his support over the last 12 weeks. I didn’t think I could ever achieve what I have. Kieran has made a huge impact on my life. He not only helped with nutrition and weight loss, Kieran has helped me to make very important lifestyle changes. My mental health has improved hugely, I feel stronger and healthier physically and mentally. I recommend him very highly. Kieran has sorted out so much for me including gut issues. He does his research and knows what he’s talking about. But mostly he is genuine! Completely down to earth, kind and empathetic, you can tell he truly cares and wants to help you. It’s wonderful to see him using his own life experiences as a lesson and in a way e can help others going through similar. It’s amazing! thank you thank you thank you.” - Nicola Duncan

“Thanks for the support bruhhh loving some results ayeee. Ur a god Bruh.” - Sam Beadle

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