How to NOT Get Fat This Christmas

Santa Claus.jpg

This is something we all struggle with.

As much as we might not care about putting on 6.5 extra layers these holidays. We desperately wonder why we did come 27 December when we are thinking about how our New Years resolution of losing 40lbs is all of a sudden now 60lbs.

It’s not about taking out the food, it’s about managing it in a smart way. It’s still Christmas time, which means it’s food time with friends and family! However, it’s not the food that connects us, it’s the love we share and the true human connection we have with others. That’s what Christmas is really about, just remember that before you stand up for your third round of dessert at your work lunch.

Here are my top 5 tips on how to manage your Christmas holidays so that you don’t set yourself back 20lbs more than you are already.

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1. When baking Christmas goodies, use Stevia instead of Sugar for a considerably lower caloric and lower insulin effecting treat.

2. Lower your Ghrelin (hunger and fat storage hormone), which stabilizes your insulin. This is done through keeping protein high throughout the day and trying to fast until mid morning or midday sipping on herbal tea or coffee some days.

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3. Chromium is a mineral found in every sugar craving tablet ever. It’s the most effective tool for decreasing cravings by helping control your blood sugar. Supplement this and/or Magnesium & Vitamin D for less cravings this holiday period.

Christmas Cake.png

4. Low carb during the day and carbs before bed. WHAT!? Carbs pre bed time are actually more beneficial than carbs earlier on. They lower your stress hormones leading to better quality sleep. Plus lower carb during the day leads to less cravings, more consistent energy, and a greater likelihood you’re saying no to that cookie.

5. Enjoy the food. Contradicting everything I’ve just said... Sort of. What I mean is don’t cut it out, it’s Christmas time for crying out loud! But know that most of the time you’re eating good food, you eat more than you need.

Remember it’s the love we share with those close to us that brings about the connections we seek, not the food. We are simply using that as an excuse to eat 5 stomachs worth of ginger bread men in a single sitting. Now Uncle Bob is less connected with you anyway because he doesn’t get as many.

Manage your eating, but enjoy the Christmas period for what it truly represents. At the same time, don’t be afraid to go for it Christmas Day - Just remember Christmas Day isn’t every day of December.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Kieran Hedley