About Kieran

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Optimum Nutrition Athlete

Level 4 Certified Personal Trainer in Fitness & Business

Certified in Working with Athletes

National Strength & Conditioning Association Mass Course Certificate

Bachelor in Business Management

To summarize myself, I’m a New Zealander, a Mental Health Warrior, 1st Kyu Shotokan Karate, Prems Team Rugby Player, Powerlifter, Bodybuilder (3rd in U21 Victoria Naturals INBA Physique), Skier, Surfer, Hiker, Yogi, Athlete, Entrepreneur, Traveller, Nutrition and Hormone Specialist, Rehab and Prehab Expert, a Scientifically based Professional Personal Trainer (Les Mills qualified) and probably the most energetic and optimistic guy you’ll ever meet. But it never used to be like this at all.

You know those guys in school who struggle to make friends, are far too quiet to converse with, and can’t talk to girls for the life of them? That was me. That was my life ever since I started my seventh year in school when I was moved up to high school.


Life was hard. Being silly was my way of hiding my insecurity. My cheesy smile was my way to hide the pain I felt inside.

This was because I had this dark abyss of a black hole sucking me in every single day. Little did I know - but it was depression. It made me shy, insecure and constantly stressed. I was also embarrassed about taking my shirt off due to my body image issues.

Rugby was my way out. My way to grow and develop confidence in myself. I made friends, I became strong willed, and I found my love for fitness!


After years of struggle with mental health and strict dieting, I started studying hormones, the body’s cells and stress as a whole. I now understand the hormonal monstrosity that stress is on fat loss. Depression and anxiety alone can literally prevent any fat loss program from working.

My passion now lies in getting people passed fat loss plateaus that they can’t themselves, or with the assistance of other specialists. Not just through mental health, but stress as a whole. Managing stress is key for fat loss. Too little or too much can lead to fat gain, muscle loss, bloating, inflammation, and a whole lot of mental and physical issues. Through managing stress, I now live with more happiness and less body fat year round than I ever have before.

I have learnt that there is a lot more to fat loss than simple calories in, calories out. Have you ever dieted so incredibly hard and not seen any progress, yet your friend eats what they want, and they remain thin? There’s always an explanation.

By managing stress through food and exercise in a flexible manner (so yes you get to eat yummy food and drink alcohol), you will achieve the most optimistic mental state and strongest physique you have seen. Refer to my testimonials for this!

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If you’re someone who is struggling to drop body fat, can’t seem to stick to their plan, and struggles with stress, anxiety or depression, you are exactly the type of person whom I specialize in transforming. Guaranteed results or your money back. We will change your physical and mental state in the shortest time possible in a sustainable way. You will have your new self looking at the you now thinking “wow, that was me?”.

Always remember to live your best life. Mental health is a lifetime partner, not a never ending battle.

If you are serious about working with myself one on one, please click the button below to book in a time to talk with me about how I can help you. I’m here to get you results not your money as my spaces are full most of the time, so I will refer you onto one of my fitness friends that I think can be of assistance if my specialty does not match your goal or I don’t have spaces at that point in time. So serious inquiries only please! If however you genuinely need my advice on something, I am happy to help these people too. Limited to one booking per person due to high demand.

This is my personal transformation. The left picture is from 2011 (16 years old), I struggled with depression, I rarely took my shirt off, and I had just started going to the gym, which is why we have this rare shot of young Kieran with no shirt. The right picture is from early 2018 when I had turned 23 years old. This resembles not just the physique that I maintain throughout most of the year, but a stronger, healthier, more developed mind.

My outlook is optimistic 99% of the time, I pursue discomfort everyday to grow, and even though I still get my unavoidable lows, I now know how to get through them to make things better. I focus on my mental state, my overall stress and my hormones, and as a result, it makes it very easy to maintain my current healthy and developing physique.

Train smarter live larger